Our goals

We want to make your dream of a surfing trip more affordable within a community of surfers that shares similar traveling and surfing tastes and ideals. With a clear rule, no money transaction between members. We are all surfers, S&s works like a club.

This experience will not only allow you to swap your house or to host one another, it will also give you the opportunity to be immersed in one surfer's life, culture and environment.

At this point, S&s offers solutions for every surf trip project every where in the world that has

a wave fever !

This site is supported by a yearly contribution. For a whole year, a member is then allowed to contact and organize a trip with another registered member.

Members communicate directly with one another. S&s intervenes only to verify and preserve the ethics of the community (cf terms and conditions).

Join us online at S&s whether you are a hardcore surfer, a longboarder, an amateur of XXL or XXS, with your family, solo, duo or with buddies.




S&s is open to any and all surfers, with this being our principal asset.

Through our members, our community is present in more than 60 countries.

Obviously we are very well established in mythical surfing spots, historical regions and well-known places. However, we also want to be present in countries where surfing is less well known or more recent.

The S&s system has been redesigned to allow for more flexibility within its operation, as we wanted to offer something that could answer the needs and wants of all surfers and for all surf trips whilst holding onto this flexibility in the project’s spirit.

  •  Some surfers will go looking for big swell, so it’s in their interest to consider certain reputable spots during periods when conditions are optimal. In this case, the choice of reciprocal hospitality i.e. hosting is preferable (to meet up with the locals).
  • Others will want to travel as a family during summer periods. A summer destination involving an exchange would therefore be more suitable. The exchange could be made with another family who may leave a few surfboards available for use.
  • The travel-surfer profiles will have different expectations and the search for hospitality in places less well-known for surfing may therefore be more adapted.
  • Another case to consider is surfers who wish to better familiarise themselves with surfing spots, for example, 20km from their own home. You could consider contacting a surfer living in a nearby spot in order to share a half-day surfing together.
  • And of course you have the classic nomadic surf tour. Near our place in the south-west of France it often involves a descent by van from Hossegor to Portugal. S&s can offer several bases for those who want them and even some practical advice (i.e. where to repair a board, find wax or buy the biggest burrito!)

The types of surf trips are as varied as the types of surfers. Our community proudly displays this diversity and it’s our guarantee that everyone can find possibilities on offer to suit them.

One of the principals of S&s is living the life of a local. Every surfer knows that even in the most renowned places, the swell can sometimes play hard to get. So travelling in a community will always be an advantage, as you can put yourself into the shoes of a local and do what they do whilst you are hanging out waiting for the swell. A local family will know just what to recommend to another family to occupy an energetic teenager lacking surf, i.e. a smooth bitumen hill, a president of the sea-kayak club you can contact, or a mountain biking trip…

S&s is also ambitious to become a news-link which connects the members of its community.

Since our creation, we write in our newsletter about what our community is doing and discuss their talents and their struggles. We have highlighted the talent of artists such as Drew Brophy and Ben Junta. We have spoken about the creations by the charming Linda Benson (rail grabber) and also of the guitars produced by South African string-instrument maker, Ian Corr.

Loyal to the values of the Surfrider Foundation, we are eager to fulfil this communicative role for such universal causes.

Our social networks, our newsletter and our blog talk about our members and our community whose riches lie, above all, in diversity and the common link of having a passion for surfing and a desire to travel. That is why it seemed essential to us to offer our members the possibility to post their news online.



We are taking one big step towards the surfers who enrich the surf culture with their work

Artist, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, press, pro surfers, shapers, surf shops

Organized in 8 different categorie, we are offering:

  • The possibility to exchange only with each other or with other categories that have to do with a transdisciplinary project. ( for example a pro surfer who would be needing or wanting a photographer at his service in the country he is located in)
  • a tag on the profile will inform everyone of your belonging to a category.
  • an international professional contact booklet that will be based on the place of residence (connect a professional and his location)
  • possibilites to travel professionally at low price and much more easily.
  • a network. S&s is a house exchange website for surfers, but it is also a newsletter that is getting more and more audience by the day. You can also catch up with S&s on facebook and Linkedin





  • S&s is exclusively reserved for individual users.
  • no money transaction between members.
  • Open to all surfers and for all locations (whether you rent an apartment, are proprietor of a house, or you live on a boat). This diversity is one of our assets.
  • Statistics say exchanging your house is more secure (the practice of exchanging houses has been around for a long time and insurance companies prefer a house exchanged to a house left empty). You just need to let your insurance or your proprietor know in advance.
  • It is important to put photos up online which give a good idea of the location.
  • Please respect the basic rules of courtesy (e.g. answering questions from users)



  • Of course Swap and surf is well implanted in all main surf culture heart, like California is

  • Swap and surf founders are from South West of France and the project settle down their. Naturally, the largest choice of profiles in this area

  • The best way to discover new horizons is to connect with locals. In every places you can find swell, you'll have a Swap and surf member to exchange with you, or to host you or just give you some tips

  • We offer places like Alaska to live with locals experiences difficult to organized like cold water surfing in remoted places

  • "I plan to always do what I love to do, and make the most of the opportunities in front of me, and believe this can be seen in my work." a talented photographer to meet

  • Of course, Swap and surf offers solutions through our members in all majors surf trip destination

  • Caio is registred as a journalist, but he could have been photographer or artist too. An open mind brasilian surfer willing to welcome you in Florianopolis. 

  • The cool californian surfer. The guy to meet for a reciprocal hospitality. With Talal, it'll be easy going

  • The authentic hawaiian water man. For an outrigger ride, share surf session or whatever on water, he's the man

  • With Tushar, Ishita is a leading figure of the surfing culture in India. A pionner, the first female to have been sponsored by brand like roxy