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Waves disappearance, beaches closure, health risks, limited access to surf spots, extreme weather patterns, all of these factors are as many threats hanging over surfing or any ocean-related activity. Through its latest pledge, Surfrider Foundation Europe points the different causes and aims at raising awareness among watersports enthusiasts. 

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Spots and users in danger! How bad is it?

Disturbing climate changes - The Ocean is contributing to climate regulation, absorbing most of the greenhouse gases and storing thermal energy. However overconsumption of this gas gradually reduces its regulation capacity. Such climate imbalance generates changes in currents, winds, swells and waves. All this can have a great impact on our beloved water and outdoor sports.  


Irrational coastal development - Large-scale projects, like solid structures development (port extensions or wind farms) and coastline modifications (dredging, sand or aggregate extraction), are launched without thorough studies on the social consequences or the impact on local heritage and practitioners. The risk with that is that some of our spots risk to disappear, as it has already happened in the past.


Constant deterioration of water quality - The current legislation is still not taking watersports enthusiasts into consideration. In fact, it imposes water quality to be monitored only during the summer season and in swimming areas. On the other hand, Surfrider’s studies which are conducted all year long, confirm that the presence of contaminants constitute a real threat for our health when we get into the water. These microorganisms are likely to provoke illness such as gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, ear and skin infections, but also to make access to spots restricted.


Climate change, coastline development, ocean contamination they are all linked to the decline of available surf spots, whereas the number of practitioners is on the rise.

Watersports under threat! Which solutions?

Today, Surfrider asks for your help to raise our voice and to maximize our leverage while negotiating with national and European institutions.
Here are our goals: to ensure that EU States sign a global ambitious climate agreement, to make sure that the coastal environment and its communities are taken into account when making shoreline development decisions, and finally to improve water quality in recreational areas.

To make sure that your interests are taken into account, Surfrider is fully committed to become an ambassador for the watersports lovers’ community and will be representing you in its lobbying activities.

Protect you spot: Sign Surfrider’s pledge!


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