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Publish on Sunday, 13 April 2014. by swapandsurf

surf in Seal Beach

Rick lives in a surf cottage in Seal Beach, California, visit here.

He’s a retired water man. In love with the ocean for over 50 years ( he’s been a Surfrider Foundation member since the beginning of the group).

He’s traveled every year for over 30 years. Indonesia, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, etc. He knows what a local is able to offer you on a surf trip….local knowledge. He’s the perfect S&S member, open minded, easy going, surf stoked,  and with a strong surf tripping experience!

Rick would still like to travel to many places he hasn’t visited yet, like Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Maldives. Also on the bucket list and hopefully in the loop are Europe, NZ, Auz, and Africa too! Rick is also interested in finding congenial surf traveling partners leaving the US on shorter trips. Being retired he only needs a week or two lead time to get up and go! 

Since having knee problems / replacements, he rides a bodyboard almost daily to keep playing in the waves and stay in sync with our Mother Ocean.

Because of on going knee problems, Rick doesn’t plan to realize any extended surf trip soon, but he knows that hosting other surfers is in a way surf traveling, especially when surfers get together to talk story. He would be delighted to host surf travelers from all around the world.His words :

"I am willing to host visiting surfers for short periods, and maybe longer if they clean up after themselves and share food costs. Just had a group of young traveling Auzzies who stayed a week and they were great"

Swap and surf is proud to put together surfers like Rick, an open minded  water man,  in love with surfing and curious to meet people from different places from around our beautiful world.


Rick : "Down my street. Riding my 11’0 gun. Winter 2004"


  • With Tushar, Ishita is a leading figure of the surfing culture in India. A pionner, the first female to have been sponsored by brand like roxy

  • We offer places like Alaska to live with locals experiences difficult to organized like cold water surfing in remoted places

  • The authentic hawaiian water man. For an outrigger ride, share surf session or whatever on water, he's the man

  • The best way to discover new horizons is to connect with locals. In every places you can find swell, you'll have a Swap and surf member to exchange with you, or to host you or just give you some tips

  • Of course, Swap and surf offers solutions through our members in all majors surf trip destination

  • "I plan to always do what I love to do, and make the most of the opportunities in front of me, and believe this can be seen in my work." a talented photographer to meet

  • Of course Swap and surf is well implanted in all main surf culture heart, like California is

  • Swap and surf founders are from South West of France and the project settle down their. Naturally, the largest choice of profiles in this area

  • The cool californian surfer. The guy to meet for a reciprocal hospitality. With Talal, it'll be easy going

  • Caio is registred as a journalist, but he could have been photographer or artist too. An open mind brasilian surfer willing to welcome you in Florianopolis.